All-in-One Printers

Work smarter

For businesses of all sizes and in all sectors, the multiple features and functions offered by all-in-one printers can help you and your organisation work smarter by combining print, copy, scan and fax to maximise office productivity.

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Why are all-in-one printers useful?

All-in-one printers (also known as multifunction laser printers) bring simplicity to your office by integrating the power of a printer, photocopier, scanner and fax machine into one single, streamlined unit.  

All-in-one printers can also scan to email, helping you improve collaboration and save time by sharing scanned documents quickly and easily via email directly from the device. The ability to digitise traditionally paper-intensive workflows contributes to your overall digital transformation journey. 

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Solutions tailored to your business

They might be all-in-one, but they aren’t one-size-fits-all. If you have limited space, desktop all-in-one printers offer a compact, powerful solution.  

Alternatively, floor-standing all-in-one printers are perfect for larger offices with more demanding print needs and higher print volumes.  

These printer-with-photocopier devices offer everything a business needs, from day-to-day printing and copying in black & white and colour and in A4 or A3. 

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Scale as you grow

You can bring traditional print shop operations directly into the office with light production printers, perfect for creating brochures and saddle-stitched booklets.  

You can also opt for a wireless multifunction printer, enabling quick and easy printing from any phone or laptop connected to your Wi-Fi network. 


Is your all-in-one safe from hackers?

Your company data is precious. That’s why the best all-in-one printers offer advanced security features to protect your multifunction printer and the data on it.  

Did you know that an unprotected device can be hacked? Modern all-in-one printers are computers – they have a processor, memory and storage and can store the data of all your prints, scans and copies. However, this storage can be compromised by hackers.  

That’s why the best devices feature multiple security measures designed to protect your sensitive data. Look out for features that encrypt all stored data, that only grant access to applications and firmware on approved whitelists and that back up settings to aid recovery in the event of an attack. 

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Smart management for a smart solution

Achieve complete visibility and control over your fleet of printers and multifunction devices with print management software.  

Document & print management software lets you grant printer access to certain teams and individuals. For example, enabling certain departments to access colour printing or duplex printing while preventing others who don’t need those functions from doing so. It can help improve document management, secure document storage and more.  

The best management software also allows you to add user authentication to the printer, keeping sensitive data secure and reducing wasted paper.  

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